I'm sorry, but I'm not accepting review requests at this time!

Review Policy:
I do not receive payment for my reviews in any format. Keep in mind that review requests may not be accepted for a number of reasons (time, interest, etc.) so please be respectful of this.
All review requests that are accepted shall receive a review based on my Star Rating system. These reviews will include my complete, unbiased, opinions and should be taken as such.

Accepted formats: PDF (Preferred), gifted paperback copies, .Mobi, and Gifted Amazon eBooks

Preferred Genres (Note: I do not accept Nonfiction):

  • Fantasy & Magic
  • Romance
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense

Once I finish a book and complete the review I will post it on Amazon, Goodreads, on my Facebook page, here on the blog page of my website, and a link to it on my Twitter feed.
What your request should include:
  • Book title and brief synopsis (100 words or less)
  • Book Cover
  • Book Links (Goodreads, Amazon, your website)
  • Social Media Links (Facebook pages, Twitter, and/or Instagram)
  • Page length
  • Genre

Star Rating System: I focus on the fundamentals when critiquing fiction, meaning I don't take off points for typos, grammatical issues, or any hosh posh like that.

Here's what I focus on:
  1. If the characters are believable or not
  2. How enjoyable the characters are
  3. The pace of the story (whether it's too fast/not fast enough)
  4. If there are any holes in the plot
  5. Whether or not there is conflict in the story
  6. Consistent point of view
  7. The overall story and if it was enjoyable

I rate the story on eaach of these questions based on a 1-5 scale (5 being excellent) as follows:

★ - Major problems!
★ - Not awful, but had some issues.
★ - Neutral.
★ - Good, but room to improve.
★ - Excellent!

After I fill out the chart, I then average how many stars it has using a 5 star rating calculator.

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