In the height of Sultan Mustafa’s reign, a war between Ubir factions has begun leaving the fate of the Ottoman Empire in the hands of one vampire.

Abandoned as a child, Timur never knew his parents or a life outside of the Janissary Corp. The only thing he’s ever known is that he belongs to the Ubir underworld, a group of vampires led by the valide sultan, Queen Naz.

Despising himself for everything this life has made him do, Timur’s world changes one fateful day when he finds a cure. His bloodlust vanishes in her mere presence, his heart yearning to be near her.

Will their love conquer all? Or will he lose himself to the darkness?

Genre: Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Middle Eastern

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"When his eyes met hers, the blazing heat washed from his entire body. A chill filled the air and iced over as he found himself pulled toward the ocean in her eyes." - Timur's Escape

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