Zwei-beinige Bestiengeist


The Koboldgeist is a zwei-beinige two-legged bestien beasts. As such, this goblin-like spirit can only possess those that walk on two legs, particularly children.

They have a desperate desire to be helpful, often found tending fires and doing chores long after everyone has gone to bed.  This bestien is considered harmless and will relinquish the child once they’ve shed their youth.


The Nachzehrer spirits are vampire-like bestien who come to life after their death. These bestien can only possess those who’ve committed suicide. After they take on the body of the deceased, they consume the dead to fuel their spirit.

When all the dead have been consumed, they kill the living for their flesh.

To kill a Nachzehrer, one must take a Nachzgold coin in its mouth and cut off his head.